Moore Abundance!

Oct 5, 2020 | News, Product, Publications

Three more things: Abundant Wonder Paperweights, Children’s Drawing Competition and Colouring Book.

Tom has made a series of paperweights in the form of eccentric solid glass heads.  The faces are composed with lamp worked glass components in curious combinations.  These little sculptures blur the boundaries between human, plant and animal subjects to create quirky hybrids.



A selection of fifteen will travel with the exhibition for the duration of the tour.  Many others of these peculiar characters will be available for purchase at the JamFactory shop, and subsequent venues.



The JamFactory will run a Children’s Drawing Competition.  It will be open to ages 5-12 years and will begin on Saturday 17th October until Sunday 22nd November.  There will be a drawing area near the exhibition for all young artists to respond to the show.


The winning drawing will be selected for its charm, originality and ability to be made in hot glass.  Tom will work with the team at the JamFactory Glass Studio to create two glass artworks based on the winning design.  The winning designer will be awarded one of these pieces and the other will join the exhibition and tour nationally.


There is also a colouring book.  The Jam has gone all out, and I’m just going to quote them here:

You can also enjoy your own piece of the magical mind of Tom Moore with our 32-page colouring book.  The book features original drawings by the artist including Flaming Stegosaurus and Super Massive Hooligan.  Purchase your copy from JamFactory’s retail shop or online from the 9th October and enjoy colouring the world of Tom Moore as you see it.


The lovely cover is above, and an interior page sneak peek below!



And a squish of creatures.