Final Abundant Wonder @ Glenelg

Jul 2, 2023 | Exhibitions, News

The last ever installation of Tom’s Abundant Wonder exhibition at the Bay Discovery Centre, Glenelg Town Hall.

It’s snuck up fast – the end of Abundant Wonder.  The years of dreaming, planning and creating, of making a book, and trying to build and pack a show at the start of a world wide pandemic without knowing if the exhibition would even be able to go ahead.

Unprecedented times indeed.  However when it did open, it brought much needed joy and light to the viewing public, and with it’s colourful absurdity it was what was needed for the Jam’s first opening since Covid shut a lot of things down.



These are pictures of the original installation at the JamFactory in October 2020, taken by photographer Grant Hancock, who has also shot most of Tom’s work over the years.  What an amazing record of this show.



The installation of the last set up starts in a couple of days and it will be bittersweet to see it all go up one last time in this iteration.  These objects will be split up, with many going on to new homes in public and private collections.



The final exhibition space is at the Bay Discovery Centre, at the Glenelg Town Hall.  It will be on public display from Friday 7th July.

It’s open daily 10am-4pm.  How fantastic to see the show and then walk along the beach (and get an ice cream, even if it’s winter.)



There will be paperweights available and also copies of the book, colouring book, teatowel, plus a selection of available work from the exhibition.



We hope you enjoy Abundant Wonder.