Adelaide Railway Station

Apr 21, 2021 | Exhibitions, News

Tom + JamFactory + RenewalSA = Diorama City. Glimpses into six distinct worlds and scenes play out at the Adelaide Railway Station.

Tom was invited by the JamFactory and RenewalSA to be the first artist to exhibit in the newly revamped Adelaide Railway Station historic phone booths.  Launched in March 2021, at the northern end of the station concourse these six booths have been transformed into humorous and sometimes disturbing scenes.


The Hill


Calm Waters


These dioramas harken back to earlier work, playing with favourite imagery and set dressing to create worlds for new creatures to flourish in.


Primordial Grotto


Worktime (detail)


This body of work is on display in Adelaide until the 30th May 2021.  A selection of pieces are available for purchase through the JamFactory.  There is a QR code near the signage that gives catalogue access, or contact the JamFactory shop.


Sprouting City (shooting in studio)


Glimpses of captured moments provide starting points to stories – but are they endings or beginnings?


Kitchen Curtains (shooting in studio)


Moore’s work responds to the ideas of the antipodean, the inverted other, and how wonder for the exotic, the unexplained, the mythical and beastly was celebrated in the Kunst and Wunderkammer cabinets of the 16th Century.  His sentient and all-seeing artworks are also located within human fascinations, and fears of the monstrous and grotesque played out during carnival, where everyday reality is suspended, and the irrational and improbable are celebrated.  Whilst the humour and the absurd, displayed in the works of Moore, has its precursors in Italian capriccio glass of 15th century and the illustrative works of the English artist Edward Lear, it is through this playfulness that we might find a suitable antidote to discuss the calamity of the Anthropocene.