Arising from a fun-loving apocalyptic fantasy of giant birds joyriding on top of cars.

The bird on the car is intended as a hopeful symbol of the triumph of nature over industry.  However, the current incarnation is perplexing and exceptional.  This is a palindrome-bird- the body is a second head, the tail a second beak, with a second pair of legs extending above.

This bird appears to be mechanical, constructed of riveted metal plates.  The car seems more organic than the passenger.  With tail-fins and comical teeth, it may have freshly emerged from primordial sludge.

  • Robot Bird Triumphant Again, 2008
  • Hot joined, blown and solid glass
  • Dimensions: 38 x 26 x 16cm
  • First exhibited in Making It New: Focus on Contemporary Australian Art” Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, in 2009.

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